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“ I was SO FRUSTRATED! I took time out of my busy schedule to meet contractors and most did not show up on time and of the few that did show up wrote a quote on a scrap piece of paper and acted like they were going to strong arm into a decision I would regret. That was until I met CHE not only did they show up, they were professional from start to finish. They spent a great deal of time with me helping my understand the options and returned a few days later with a detailed scope of work and an itemized proposal. My only regret is I wish I had contacted sooner!!

Brian T M.D Durham

“I can’t say enough about how CHE’s process-driven approach has impacted me. I was nervous about the cost at first, but now that I’ve been through the process with CHE, the benefits I’ve reaped have far outweighed any objections I had originally. If you are struggling with what exterior contractor to us, don’t wait any longer.” CHE is the only contractor I will ever use from here on out.

Karen T. Raleigh

“It was so hard to set the time aside to focus on my home with so much going on, especially when you have a family to care for. But I can see now how taking that remodeling can be frightening and complex without intentional help. Working with CHE was easy and they made sure to keep me informed and on budget.

Sarah Sanders

I really thought I could get through the struggle of residing my house and adding new windows on my own, but after working with Custom Home Exteriors, I wish I had done it sooner. It can be hard to have the humility to admit you need help, but having that outside, objective, experience from The “Entire CHE” Team really made all the difference.”

Mark Stanley

Home Owner

If you don’t choose Custom Home Exteriors, your making a mistake!

The company i work with has used Custome Home exteriors twice in the past year for client repairs. The first time was a great experience. The second time blew me away. I caught their voicemail, so I left a message. The next day I realized that Jennifer had emailed me so quickly after I called, I had missed her email! AND she remembered us from last year. I didn’t have any personal experience with the people that did the repair, but were so quick and quiet the homeowner never knew they were there! Top notch service from my experience. Thank you guys so much.

Laura Powell

Home Owner

I am in the process of buying a new house from a well known builder who is using a siding company other than Custom Home Exteriors. The siding on the front was put up very poorly and I contacted Custom Home Exteriors for an expert second opinion. Within minutes of contacting them, I had a response and the owner has since sent me an email, complete with specification diagrams explaining how the siding should have been installed and what I should be looking for. I am compelled to tell everyone about the excellent customer service I received from them, especially since they did all of this with no expectation of any money or compensation from me whatsoever. I can only imagine the level of service I would get if I were a paying client! Great job, CHE!

Erica Powell

Home Owner

The crews at CHE were always at the job site on time, hustling and they were extremely careful with our homesites – never left trash or cut up while on the job. I can’t say enough good things!

J. Richardson

Wake Forest, NC

We had a really tight deadline and the team at CHE just wouldn’t quit until the job was done, was done right and on time. They are my secret weapon.

Rodger P.

Charleston, SC

CHE was here when they said they’d be here and they delivered what they said they would deliver. It’s a dream come true.

R. Cunningham

Raleigh, NC