4 Unique Benefits of Hardie Plank Siding

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We at CHE have placed a lot of house siding in our 20+ years serving Raleigh, North Carolina. Be it vinyl, cedar, or fiber cement, we’ve seen the pros and cons of many different materials and brands. However, when it comes to fiber cement siding, our clear preference is Hardie plank siding.  The James Hardie® […]

Nichiha vs Hardie Plank: A Side-by-Side Comparison

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I’ve been rehabbing home exteriors for over two decades, so I’ve seen it done a lot of ways with a lot of different products. One of the most popular house siding options is fiber cement siding, and the most popular brand of fiber cement is Hardie Plank. Fiber cement is known for its durability, beauty, […]

Is Hardiplank the Best House Siding?

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These days Hardiplank® is a very popular choice for house siding. I understand the appeal. In my 20+ years of home exterior installation, I’ve never seen another fiber cement brand outperform Hardie siding.  However, there are other options for your home remodel than fiber cement. Here I’ll outline a few of them and share some […]