10 Advantages of Fiber Cement Board

fiber cement board siding

  There are a lot of options for house siding, but one of the most popular is fiber cement board. It’s not hard to see why. Fiber cement has a lot of unique benefits, and the products of modern manufacturers like Hardie siding look gorgeous. This is one of the reasons I chose fiber cement […]

Exterior Painting vs Hardie ColorPlus®

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One of the most common home exterior projects is exterior painting. This is a common DIY project that can be done on wood, vinyl, or fiber cement. However, there’s another option for picking the color and shade of your home exterior. It’s called ColorPlus®. ColorPlus is a relatively new feature of Hardie siding that essentially […]

4 Unique Benefits of Hardie Plank Siding

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We at CHE have placed a lot of house siding in our 20+ years serving Raleigh, North Carolina. Be it vinyl, cedar, or fiber cement, we’ve seen the pros and cons of many different materials and brands. However, when it comes to fiber cement siding, our clear preference is Hardie plank siding.  The James Hardie® […]

Nichiha vs Hardie Plank: A Side-by-Side Comparison

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I’ve been rehabbing home exteriors for over two decades, so I’ve seen it done a lot of ways with a lot of different products. One of the most popular house siding options is fiber cement siding, and the most popular brand of fiber cement is Hardie Plank. Fiber cement is known for its durability, beauty, […]

Is Hardiplank the Best House Siding?

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These days Hardiplank® is a very popular choice for house siding. I understand the appeal. In my 20+ years of home exterior installation, I’ve never seen another fiber cement brand outperform Hardie siding.  However, there are other options for your home remodel than fiber cement. Here I’ll outline a few of them and share some […]

Hardie Board Siding vs Certainteed: 5 Facts To Know

Two of the best known fiber cement brands are Hardie board siding and Certainteed®. Each company has been around a long time, and each has its fans. I’ve used both in my 20+ years of home remodeling, and here I’ll compare both brands so that you can better evaluate your house siding options. Hardie Board […]

Why Hardie Board is the Best Fiber Cement Siding

Hardie board, white farmhouse, CHE

There are a number of house siding options you can use for your exterior remodel, such as vinyl siding and cedar. However, one of the best all around options is fiber cement. Fiber cement siding is more durable and longer lasting than vinyl, and it’s resistant to insects and fire unlike cedar. It’s also the […]

Vinyl Siding vs Hardie Siding

hardie board vs vinyl siding

When doing an exterior remodel, your choice of house siding has big implications. The two most common forms we see at Custom Home Exteriors are vinyl siding and Hardie Board. Here we’ll compare them side-by-side so that you can make an informed decision on which is best for you. The Best Brands for Vinyl Siding […]

Hardie Siding: The Pros and Cons

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Easily one of the best options for house siding is Hardie siding. Hardieplank® has been synonymous with fiber cement siding for decades, and it’s because it’s the best of its kind in terms of quality. Here we’ll explain the benefits of Hardie board siding for your home exterior. Then we’ll compare it with other brands […]

Exterior Siding Trends

Let’s face it, it’s a virtual buffet out there when it comes to exterior siding options. While having so many choices available today is amazing, making the actual decision can be slightly less stressful than choosing your favorite flavor at one of those roadside snow cone joints – they just ALL look so good! Stay with […]