Siding That Actually Increases Your Homes Value

Exterior siding protects your home from the elements and acts as insulation, keeping it warm, dry, and energy-efficient. There could be a variety of reasons to replace it. Maybe you’d like to make your home more visually appealing, or maybe you’ve noticed peeling, cracking, or even rotting on the exterior of your home. Or perhaps you’ve concluded that your current siding is no longer serving its purpose. Whatever the case is, we’re here to help! 

Siding Experts That Give You An Exterior Masterpiece!

The CHE Companies have been transforming home siding solutions for almost three decades. Our commitment is to you! Which is why we strive to offer the best products installations warranties and at a reasonable investment. We help put top-quality siding products from leading manufacturers to work for you, not to mention putting our immense volume buying power volume buying power in your hands to help you save time energy and money. All the materials we use come with warranties from the manufacturers, and we make sure to keep the work site as clean as possible during the process while causing little to no disruption to your daily routine.

We have various siding options for you to choose from, and aside from handling the installations, our team would also advise you on which siding is perfect for your home. We’re well-versed in the latest trends in home exterior renovation and can speak from personal experience about the pros and cons of different types of siding.

Why Choose Us?

Developing and maintaining close relationships with our customers has allowed us to gain extensive feedback, which has helped us improve our services to provide you with the most value. Because of this, when we handle siding replacements or installations, we only use materials that have a history of delivering long-term value.

Our team comprises experts who take great pleasure in transforming buildings’ exteriors. And over the years, we’ve worked with a wide range of siding materials, types, and styles. CHE’s ability to provide complete customer satisfaction is a direct result of our transparency and always putting the needs of our customers first.

Types of Siding we Offer

James Hardie

If you want the largest return on your investment then you can’t go wrong with fiber cement siding. James Hardie has the highest rate of return dollar for dollar, for 10 years running. Regardless of the climate, James Hardie adds beauty, strength, and long-term value to homes.

Alside Ascend

While new to the marketplace, this non-rot PVC composite product offers reliable performance over time. Alside Ascend is designed to make the installation process easier and produce a high-quality finish for homeowners.


Vinyl siding is a budget-friendly option that is widely available, easy to install, and requires low maintenance—making it an excellent choice for your home's exterior siding. It also comes in countless colors.

Fiber Cement

Allura and Nichiha are budget-friendly fiber cement solutions that give you dependability durability and longevity when you need it most. Primed or Prepainted there are solutions for you.

Is Investing in Siding Solutions For You?

Its your largest investment and where your family is.

The short answer is absolutely! Investing in the siding of your home adds immense value as rated in Home and Garden for 10 years running. Many siding projects have an immediate increase in the home’s real value based on today’s market value by up to 80%. Many people put off home improvements because they are worried about the cost. As a homeowner, you must have faith in your home’s investment before implementing an improvement project.

One of the most significant benefits is that it reduces structural damage. For example, prior to 2012 house wrap vapor barriers were not enforced by local building codes which lead to water intrusion areas that were often not found until it was too late. Every new CHE siding project included a high-density vapor barrier to prevent that from ever happening again.

Sometimes The Biggest Problems Are The Ones You Can’t See

Cracks can form due to overexposure to the sun and freezing temperatures. Even if you can’t see the cracks, they can allow rain and moisture to seep into your house, leading to mold growth. Older types of siding have a typical lifespan of only 20 years.

Put These Benefits To Work For You

It Increases the Value of Your Home
It is easy to transform the look of your home by installing new siding. Even if the temporary aesthetic appeal isn’t enough to justify the investment, keep in mind that home improvements also increase the value of your property.

It Enhances Energy Efficiency
Customers are always looking for ways to save money on their utility bills. If you want to do this, vinyl siding, in particular, is a fantastic option to consider. Once the old siding has been removed, insulating your home becomes easier. Investing in good insulation now can save you money on utility bills for years to come.

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