Siding, Windows, and More With A Proven 20+ Year Track Record

Siding, Windows, & 20 Year Track Record

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We’re Obsessed with Creating a Ravings Fans with a 96% Customer Satisfaction.

We understand how much time and care it takes into trusting someone with your home and all of the horror stories of not hiring the right contractor from day one. Ready to add new siding or replacement windows to your home but unsure what exterior remodeling company to hire? Any company can say ‘call us, we can do it.’ In fact, many do only to find out they lack the experience, certifications, or genuine care and concern for protecting what matters most.
Custom Home Exteriors, we’ve got the proven track record to back it up. It’s true peace-of-mind knowing you’ll have a superb experience and get results you love. Here are just a few of the reasons why North Carolina homeowners trust us to install their siding, roofing, and windows: We’ve NEVER had a single complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in 20+ years! (When you do your research, You will be in awe by just how unusual that is in the home improvement industry!)
  1. We’ve won NAHB SAFE Awards.
  2. We’ve completed thousands upon thousands of siding installations literally across multiple markets.
  3. We firmly believe in teamwork and protecting the integrity of that team to make sure someone’s disgruntled disagreement never reaches your door.
  4. We are financially stable, privately-owned, and well respected in every market we serve.
  5. Our Team will invest the time and energy needed to help you understand the entire process, products, and team members to make sure your project goes smoothly and finishes on budget.
  6. We believe quotes should be detailed, with pictures, scopes, design, and a selection process that leaves you and your family with complete peace of mind.
At, the end of the day we leverage every resource we have to help you be successful in your projects. Please don’t just take our word for it, we are happy to show you with consistent diligent action.
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