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Siding Contractors in Raleigh NC: What Sets CHE Apart

siding contractors in Raleigh NCPeople often ask me what makes CHE different from other home exterior remodeling companies. After all, there’s a lot of siding contractors in Raleigh NC alone. Why should we be trusted over someone else? Well if I may brag about my team for a minute, there’s a lot of reasons. The first, I would say, is the rare commitment we show to our customers.

Integrity is Deeply Rooted in Our History

When I was starting out in the construction business, I was working for a man who had become a mentor of mine named Steve Myrick. On my first job with Steve’s crew I was working with a team of contractors on fixing a garage door. While on the work site I overheard the crew talking about how they were going to refuse to come back on Monday until Steve agreed to pay them more money. Enraged, I went to Steve, told him what had happened, and offered to finish the garage job myself.

Now, I had no crew, no money, and no equipment. I was scared to death, but I was also angry, and something in me was determined to make this leap. Steve considered me for a moment, and then he agreed. What followed was pretty wild, but long story short I got the job done. And that was the beginning of what became CHE, aka Custom Home Exteriors Inc.

I love telling that story because it would go on to define our company. In the end, we are a group of people that are offended when companies are looking to serve themselves at the expense of their customer. We believe it should be the other way around. That’s why out of all the siding contractors in Raleigh NC, you can count on us to be dependable.

What is a Dependable Siding Contractor?

Now what do I mean by dependable? Great question. First, I mean honest. There’s almost nothing that makes me angrier than shady, exploitative sales tactics. The construction industry is unfortunately full of contractors that make misleading promises, sneak in hidden fees at the last minute, inflate costs, and cut corners that the consumer won’t notice until 3-12 months down the road.

CHE is the opposite. We’re a siding contractor that treats you like we would want to be treated. CHE is honest and dependable, treating your house like it’s our house. Our team gives cost assessments as though someone else with knowledge and scrutiny is looking over our shoulder. We tell you what to expect upfront, and we operate consistently within those parameters. Not only that, but we show up on time, when we say we will.

Another layer of our dependability is our ongoing customer care. Once we finish with your home exterior remodel, Custom Home Exteriors Inc will remain available for questions and support. We will give you a book at the end of your project that walks you through the details of all the manufacturer warranties that you are entitled to, along with the name of your own personal customer service rep who can answer any questions about them. We will also fix any problems related to your siding going forward related to our mistakes. I don’t know of any other siding contractors in Raleigh NC that do all of these things.

Excellent Work and Value

Not only is CHE honest, thorough, and available after the job; the quality of our work is excellent. For instance, when we are planning your project, we will use digital design to show you what your house will look like when we are finished. We can even make changes to your design and show you how these choices would affect your exterior remodel. All of our work is also done according to the parameters of every single manufacturer warranty that we can squeeze into your home. This will save you so much money and hassle in the future, not to mention the peace-of-mind it provides you at the time.

Find Siding Contractors in Raleigh NC

Call CHE today if you’re considering a home exterior remodel. We will not only set up a free consultation with you, but we will encourage you to look into other siding contractors in North Carolina and compare our service to theirs. Our team is so confident in who we are and what we can offer you that we don’t mind being cross-examined! No matter what, we want you to be comfortable and to get the best care, even if it’s not with us.


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