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Roof Repair Cost in 2021

roof repair cost, roofing repair costsI’ve been in the construction industry for most of my life, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that home ownership can be just as painful as it is wonderful. That’s because homes are made of a lot of parts, and those parts can break down. Sometimes it’s age, and other times it’s weather, but regardless stuff tends to fall apart. Yet even knowing all that, it’s still very difficult to create a budget based on your home’s future needs. And a lot of the most common questions I get from people are related to roof repair cost. 

Your roof is maybe the most important component of your home exterior. There’s a reason why refer to a home as “a roof over our head”, because a shelter without a roof isn’t a shelter at all. Therefore it’s particularly important that you understand the costs of roofing repair.

In this post I’m going to break down the cost of roofing repairs so that you can budget and shop effectively for a contractor. In addition, I will go over some of the different factors that can affect the price of your repair, such a geography and materials. Lastly, I’ll cover the major problems that most roofs face, so that you can prepare for them.

Roof Repair Cost

Here I’m going to break down the costs of roof repair in as much detail as I can. Note that these are the numbers at the beginning of 2021. If you’re reading this down the road, factor a 10-12% cost increase per year. Generally, you can expect a 4-6% increase two times per year. Please also factor that these estimates can vary by region and are based on typical costs in the Southeast US.

Keep in mind that there is usually a one-time trip charge of $75 when working with a roofing contractor.

Small Repairs

Est. hourly rate – $100

Trip charge (one-time) – $75

Average visit duration – 3.5 hours

Common total for small repairs = $425

Storm Damage

Storm damage will require an initial inspection. If the total damage to the roof is under 20%, then expect an hourly rate of $125. If there is more damage, then the roof should be replaced. This isn’t necessarily bad news, because a full roof repair cost is often covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Est. hourly rate – $125 (Total damage under 20%)

Factor roof inspection, leak assessment, and flashing detail assessment.

Large Project Costs

Replace broken roof tiles – $995

Replace guttering (small roof) – $1460

Repair/replace damaged flashing – $375 (2 hour trip est.)

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Factors Affecting Roof Repair Costs

Here I’ll break down the different components that often go into a quote for roofing repair. It’s not a complete list, but it covers a lot of major areas.

Scope of Damage – the most obvious factor. How many shingles are damaged? Is it a small group or a large one? Is the damage restricted to the roof, or has the home’s interior been damaged?

Roof pitch – how easy is it for the contractors to walk on? Will they need special safety tools for the installation?

Geography – are you in a climate that’s often cold and wet? Either condition can raise the cost of roof repair, because they make it more difficult to repair your roof.

Material Costs – shingles, flashing, and underlayment all vary in cost.

Roof Size – a lot of jobs factor “roof square footage”. This can exceed the square footage of your home (sometimes called “heated square footage”) by as much as 30% based on the roof’s pitch. Roof repair costs can even be based on cost per square foot. For instance, asphalt roof repairs often range from $3-8 per square foot.

The Major Roof Repair Causes

There are three main roof repair costs culprits: water intrusion, mold, and storm damage.

Water Intrusion (Leaking)

Anytime you see a leak in the roof of your house, you should arrange for roofing repair asap. Time and time again, I have seen small leaks cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage because they were ignored. Sometimes they weren’t even ignored that long. 

One of the reasons is because the leaking you see from inside your house may only be a small portion of the actual damage. Water can have a way of slowly causing rot and decay out of sight. It can trickle down into your walls from the roof, soak your insulation, destabilize and rot your studs, and even warp your floors if it isn’t stopped. This is why you need an experienced roofing repair contractor to pinpoint where the water is getting in and fix the problem immediately. Not doing so can lead to a lot more damage to your home that what you might think.


Mold is dangerous to more than the structure and integrity of your house. It can trigger allergies and create a wide number of health issues including lung cancer, skin disease, and fibromyalgia. Because mold is so dangerous, you should have a licensed team remove it from your home or business. Mold is often caused by water intrusion, and it’s such a dangerous subcategory that it deserves its own section in this post.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is the most common cause of roof repairs, and it is what most people think of first when they need their roof repaired. It can certainly be a problem, especially if you live in the Southeast or in areas with a lot of hail like Colorado. 

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I hope this post helped you understand the typical roof repair cost so you can better know what to expect. If you’d like more information, please give us a call or submit a request, and our team will gladly assist you. Our goal at CHE is to make home repairs smooth and stress-free.

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