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Massive Discounts On Residing Your Home

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Introducing CHE’s Remodeling Division

Before we talk about the Massive Discounts On Residing Your Home, please let us share a brief essence of what we believe our relationship should be like.

You don’t have to walk through a painful remodeling process, and you absolutely don’t have to settle for second best. You work very hard to make ends meet and resources don’t come overnight. When it comes to investing in your home, you need a guide to help you walk down the path of doing an accurate needs assessment. Our Team will help you understand your options, and help to shape a solution that works for you.

Also, we understand the potential frustration and stress that comes with renovating the exterior of your home. Why? Because we have been on both sides of the relationship. Furthermore, we know it’s important to show up on time, remove our shoes at the door, keep our word, and set clear expectations again and again.

We Protect Our Homeowners

We protect our homeowners from a variety of downfalls that inexperienced exterior remodeling or siding remodeling companies possess in North Carolina. While we service markets across multiple states, we keep exterior remodeling close to home to make sure we meet the needs of homeowners. We believe in a high touch, grace-filled experience, where customer care is not just a word but also felt through our actions.

Custom Home Exteriors Inc, has an incredible relationship with James Hardie Building Products and CHE also installs more of their siding and trim products than most companies throughout the United States.  Furthermore, we help homeowners save through our volume buying power and make it much easier to reside your home with Custom Home Exteriors.

We Deliver Over Twenty Years of Excellence

Our very humble beginnings have taught us all how valuable a homeowner/contractor relationship is. We have worked very hard for over twenty years to make sure we deliver excellence to our customers. Any time a mistake is made, a plan of action is developed immediately to correct.  Our entire Team at CHE is very excited to serve you!  Our redesigned showroom, allows prospective homeowners to remodel their homes, and see it completed before the project is ever started.

This is How We Take Care of Our Homeowners

We Believe in Excellence in The Ordinary

At the End of The Day, We Genuinely Care About our Relationship. Here are just a few ways we do our best to make sure you have a fantastic experience.

We Will Never

  1. Do “High-Pressure Sales” – We just don’t believe that’s how people should be treated and we won’t.  You Are Never Treated Like a Number – You deserve more for all the hard work you have put in.
  2. Treat Your Home or Family with Disrespect – Your property and family will be taken care of before, during, and after your residing or exterior remodeling experience.
  3. Sell You Products or Services You Don’t Need – Our approach offers merely the right products, for the right areas, at the right time.
  4. Ask You For Most of The Contract Value Up Front – The only people who want more up front, are the ones who are not planning to finish in the first place.

We Will

  1. Offer a Well Thought out Needs Assessment – We will walk with you and test your home. We look for excessive moisture, energy loss, rotted sections. In addition, we offer solutions that make sense for your home, family, and surrounding community. (No Pressure, Just Solutions)
  2. Take You Through The Process – Before remodeling begins. It seems the greatest frustrations come from misunderstandings or poor communication. We are guilty of over communicating because we want to make sure you are informed. (Our Process Is Your Protection)
  3. Take Care of Your Surroundings and Personal Property – You have worked hard for all you have earned. It is our goal to be careful and considerate at all times while servicing your exterior siding needs.
  4. Be Professional From First Contact through Every Day After – We are here to serve you and not the other way around. We know you have the ability to select your remodeling partner. Therefore, we understand earning our relationship is the most significant demonstration to you. We value you! (Caring and Considerate)
In celebration of our new volume discounts, we have negotiated with our manufactures.  Offering for the first time ever, the following discounts for residing your home with Custom Home Exteriors.
  1. $1,000.00 Off Resides From 1500 sqft of Wall Space to 2500sqft of Wall Space
  2. $1,500.00 Off Resides From 2501 sqft of Wall Space to 3500sqft of Wall Space
  3. $2,000.00 Off Resides From 3501 sqft of Wall Space to 4500sqft of Wall Space

We invite you to connect with us below or to the side to schedule a Free, No Obligation, No Pressure Quote from our team. We also encourage you to schedule a time to visit our showroom, meet our team face to face, and see how we keep you safe from remodeling harm.


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