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Energize Your Home With Exterior Stone

One of the easiest ways to add immediate curb appeal is to pick a creative area to add some exterior stonework. Stone is far more attainable than ever before, with new products hitting the market over the last five years. CHE stone solutions come in a wide variety of looks, feels, colors, and applications. You can choose from true, stacked or layed stone, or a wide variety of synthetic stones. But at the end of the day, you are getting a beautiful exterior that makes owning your home more fun.

Enjoy these Exterior Stone Options

Cultured stone

Cultured Stone is a manufactured stone veneer product that is cast-fit to create the look of a natural stone wall on building exteriors. The aesthetic of a stone accent wall can enhance the elegance of your dream home.

Panel stone

In addition to its visual appeal, the stone panel offers a wide range of benefits and advantages. This type of ornamental paneling can help you realize your goal of owning a home that is both classic and rustic but still has a contemporary feel to it. Because there are so many different textures, colors, and shapes, there are almost endless ways to decorate.

Composite stone

Natural stone panels with a thin stone overlay and an aluminum layer of reinforcement make up the composite stone design facade. Natural stones like granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and slate can all be used to create stone paneling. The most important things to think about when choosing this product are how long-lasting it is and how affordable it is.

Here to Guide You to the Perfect Solution

We understand that adding stone or any other exterior product takes time, talent, and great communication throughout the project. We are here to help you get the desired look but more importantly have complete peace of mind in your investment and your applications. Adding a stone finish to your home can give it the curb appeal it deserves! Your home’s design is in good hands with the team at CHE. We’re excited to assist you in making material selections that meet your performance and aesthetic goals. Our exterior stone installation services are very efficient, accurate, and affordable.

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Why CHE ?

At The CHE Companies, we are passionate about exceeding expectations in quality of workmanship, client service, and project efficiency. We believe our success in the marketplace is only measured by the successes and reputations of our clients. We refuse to sacrifice excellence in any situation. We are leading the way in exterior service needs. We are pacesetters. We are Team CHE and we are here to serve you!

If you are in need of an exterior company who is passionate about service, quality and capacity we would love to hear from you. We welcome learning more about your exterior needs and look forward to showing you how CHE would be an asset to your project team.

Real Curbside Appeal

Beautiful Benefits of Stone Veneer

Can a new stone veneer make an immediate exterior impact? Here are some brief advantages to help you decide if a stone veneer or stone accent is right for your home.

  • Faux stone is easy to install on whatever surface you desire, whether it be brick, metal, wood, drywall, cement, and much more. Because faux stone is significantly lighter than the stone it is meant to emulate that it can easily be installed anywhere and costs less to install, ultimately saving you money.
  • Panel Stone products are often easier to get to the job site because it is so light as compared to typical masonry products.
  • Stone siding panels are durable and low maintenance while adding value to your home.
  • It is non-combustible, so it’s a great choice for fireplace surrounds.
  • Stone Veneer panels can even be used inside your home to accent a wall, fireplace, and more!
  • It’s beautiful; every stone has meticulous detailing for an authentic stone look.

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