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Where Beauty Meets Security

C.H.E specializes in exteriors. Therefore, we know how to see behind the paint, to make sure damaged boards are not getting covered up. A single cover-up can lead to water penetration and what’s worse, mold. We don’t just focus on the beauty, but also on the function, to bring you genuine peace of mind.


Connect With C.H.E

Enjoy our family nature with a NO pressure free evaluation of your home and personal design goals.


Repair, Scape, Sand, & Wash

We set your home up for future success by making sure what we paint is solid and in good standing, to give you further peace of mind.


Enjoy and Share With Friends

It is our goal to do the job right the first time, make a new friendship, and a new raving fan. It is our passion to have you not only satisfied, but telling others about the great experience you had.

More Than Colors

Where a Pallet Meets Security

There is so much more that goes into painting your home than the lowest price. Often, the exterior painters want to use watered down versions of exterior paints. Unfortunately, it is not until much later that the homeowner realizes that it is not fade resistant, scratches easy, and is not thick enough to honestly impact the areas you needed most., Custom Home Exteriors only uses Sherman Williams Super Paints and Duration.

Your Exterior Home Painting 

Treating you how We Would Want to be Treated

The Team at C.H.E is here to walk with you every step of the way and help you pick through a variety of options. This includes, colors, paints, and repair items, to make sure you are left with a home you can rely on for years to come. Whether a project is your forever home or being prepared for its forever occupant, we can help you maximize your curb appeal and bring a fresh look to your exterior.


We start every project with a fresh cleaning in order to clearly see any defects before we start. After your cleaning, we will prepare the surface with a variety of techniques like sanding, scraping, caulking, and a close-up inspection. We want to make sure you are pleased with the look and longevity.


You can expect our pursuit of excellence to show in your home site being clean, neat, and well organized at all times. We will be careful around shrubbery, and cover over any item that is not getting painted with protected cloth and plastic. 



Enjoy a Special Discount From Custom Home Exteriors for Your Exterior Painting Over Hual Today! In a effort to protect the your home for excessive fading we proudly sponsor Sherman Williams. We invite you to connect with our team today and let us guide you to the Exterior that adds joy into your life.