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An Exterior Contractor Who Really Listens


One Who Won't Leave You Hanging With a Project 1/2 Finished


One Who Backs Up The Work With a Limited Life Labor Warranty


Who Won't Make You Feel Like a Number


Who Won't Leave You Feeling Betrayed and Alone


Who Will Install Your Products Per Manufacturer Specifications, Leaving Your Warranty Intact


We all deserve the God-given right of being treated how we want to be treated, and no one who works so hard to take care of their of the family deserves to be treated like just a number or to have a contractor cut corners or leave you hanging in the end. I know how hard it is to trust any exterior remodeling company with your most significant investment, particularly when dealing with companies who don’t listen or even seem to care about your needs.  That’s why I’m happy to tell you about my friends at Custom Home Exteriors.  Custom Home Exteriors personally walks with every customer, guiding the homeowner protection process that starts with a no pressure needed approach to listen to the needs and frustrations of the customer and ends with a perfect solution, offering a reliable installation process and a friend for life. You no longer have to be afraid of shotty work, or someone out to make a quick buck by taking advantage of your lack of knowledge.

Custom Home Exteriors will teach you everything you need to know to beautify your home, have a peaceful remodeling process, and enjoy the time with your family while we do the heavy lifting. Then to ensure you are protected by giving you a full Limited Life Time Labor Warranty and a hotline to customer care should you ever need to double check something.

Schedule an Appointment today to find just how rewarding remodeling your exterior could be and don’t forget to mention Dave sent you.