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Custom Home Exteriors – 20+ Years of Excellence

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Since 1998, Custom Home Exteriors Inc. has been exceeding client expectations. Our story, philosophy, process, and results all set us apart from the typical siding contractor. The difference is that we’re committed to honesty, excellence, and your complete satisfaction from the first visit to the final walkthrough.

Custom Home Exteriors: An Inspirational True Story

Over two decades ago, Stephen Scoggins was in a desperate struggle to rebuild his life. At 22 years old, he was living out of his car after a series of poor life choices. Stephen had just managed to get a job with a successful contractor group called Myrick Construction, and his first assignment was to help a work crew put together a garage door jamb. However, Stephen was shocked when he overheard the crew say that they weren’t going to come in to work the following Monday in an attempt to lobby for more money. 

Infuriated, Stephen went to his boss, Steve Myrick, and offered to take over the job himself. He had no crew, no experience, and no equipment except for his tool belt, but he was determined to follow through for the man who had given him a second chance. Intrigued, Myrick agreed to let Stephen take over, becoming Stephen’s first customer. Stephen managed to complete the job on time with excellence, and Custom Home Exteriors, Inc. was born.

We Refuse to Let You Down

Custom Home Exteriors, Inc. began with a simple philosophy: refuse to let the customer down. There’s no shortage of dishonesty, exploitation, and price-gouging in the construction and home remodeling industry, and CHE exists to solve that problem. Our founder Stephen Scoggins was determined to serve his first customer in a way that other contractors wouldn’t, and that’s been CHE’s attitude ever since. We emphasize timeliness, customer education, excellence, and follow-through to make sure that our customers get what they pay for. That’s why our current customer satisfaction rate is 96%.

A Proven and Consistent Process

So many home exterior contractors rely on keeping their customers in the dark in order to make a profit. Not us. At Custom Home Exteriors, we strive to make sure each and every one of our clients understand exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and the results they can expect from our work. We do this through a unique nine-step process:

Free Consultation

First, we will come out to your property and learn about you and your specific needs and goals. We’ll ask you a series of questions until we have a thorough understanding of each, and an idea as to how we can make your dream happen. Then, if you’d like to move forward, we can schedule a detailed home assessment.

Detailed Home Assessment

Here we will take a deeper look at your property and evaluate different strategies to help you get the most out of your money. This stage is crucial to determining the best next step and in giving you the deepest understanding of your exterior renovation as possible. 

Estimate & Proposal

Here we’ll give you an itemized quote that’s good for 30 days. Here you’ll also get separate sheets for your project scopes, specifications, and planned custom design. 

Design & Project Staging

If you decide to move forward with the project, Custom Home Exteriors will work with you to create a digital picture of your finished home exterior before we begin! This will help you choose the best color, texture, and material for your vision.

Pre-Construction Meeting

At this stage you’ll be introduced to your personal construction manager. This person will review all of the specifications, timelines, and materials related to your home exterior remodel. Here we will ensure that you have full understanding of your project and that all expectations are understood by both parties.

Project Execution

A.k.a. “Project installations”, this is when we do the job. A critical note: we will follow all manufacturer’s guidelines during your project installations so that all of your products will be warrantied. This alone sets us apart from most companies, who won’t even tell you about these warranties in order to save themselves the time and trouble of following the additional rules attached to them.

Clean Up and Completion

We want your home to look good as new, and that includes being free of debris. You shouldn’t have to clean up after your custom home exterior contractor. 

Project Closeout

Before we declare the project a success, we will do a final walkthrough. If anything is out of place, we’ll fix it. Then we’ll give you a book that includes the details of all your warranties. Finally, we’ll connect you with someone in our customer care team so that you have someone to call if you ever have a question or service need related to your warranties.


We’ll fire up the grill and throw you a block party to celebrate your home’s new look! This final stage is optional.

A Stellar Track Record for 20+ Years

If our story, experience, and process don’t speak for themselves, consider our track record:

  • Continuous operation for over 20 years
  • Thousands of projects completed
  • Winner of NAHB SAFE Award
  • ZERO Complaints with the Better Business Bureau…ever

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