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Why CHE is the Siding Contractor You Can Trust

Custom Home Exteriors, Inc was founded over two decades ago to be the siding contractor that follows through where others can’t or won’t.

In 1998, I was a struggling young man living out of his car. I managed to get a job on a construction crew under a man named Steve Myrick. Steve was a successful businessman who had known me since I was a kid. He wanted to give me a chance, and the opportunity meant a lot to me. On my first assignment, I was shocked to overhear the rest of the crew planning to not show up the next work day in order to lobby for higher pay. Furious, I went to Steve and told him to give me responsibility for the job. I had no money, no tools, and certainly no crew. Nevertheless, he believed in me and accepted my offer. So I had my first customer, and so CHE was born.

CHE: A Proven North Carolina Siding Contractor

Over 20 years later, CHE has served thousands upon thousands of people with siding installations, window replacements, and more. We’ve served the Raleigh, NC area and other markets across North Carolina. Our culture is focused on integrity: doing what we say we will, practicing utmost honesty, showing up on time, and doing every job with excellence.

Our service and commitment are outstanding, and our results speak for themselves:

  • We have a 96% satisfaction rating with our customers
  • In 20+ years, we have NEVER had a single complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau
  • We’ve won multiple NAHB SAFE awards for safety and excellence

Educating Our Customers

One of the biggest pains for a homeowner is being in the dark about what their home really needs and how much their project will cost. It’s especially difficult when you know in the back of your mind that you’re relying on siding contractors who may not have your best interests in mind to help you figure all this out.

We understand this struggle very well. Unlike others in the industry, CHE is a siding contractor that is determined to give you all of that information. Not only that, we try to answer the questions you maybe haven’t even thought to ask.

Free Consultation & Itemized Quote

From the first phone conversation, we focus on educating our customers so that they know exactly what their costs and options are. Then we provide a detailed, itemized quote from your FREE initial consultation with a custom design sheet, spec sheet, and project scopes.

Digital Design Test Drive

Once you decide to work with us, we will give you a digital rendering of what your renovation will look like at the end before we begin your project. We even encourage you to work with us on the digital design, selecting best materials, colors, and textures for your house. 

Warranty Guide

At the end of your project, we even help you abide by the manufacturer warranties of your building materials. We do this by giving you a custom-made guidebook with all the care instructions clearly laid out for you. This ensures that future repairs and maintenance costs can be as low and covered as possible. Not only that, but we are available for life to answer any questions you have about abiding by your manufacturer warranties. Finally, if there were any failures on the part of our crew to install the materials correctly so that you can use your warranty, we’ll cover the cost. I challenge you to find another siding contractor that will do all these things.

A Disciplined Process That Makes Renovations Easy

Over the years, we’ve developed a proven system that makes your remodel smooth from start to finish.

  1. Connect – we’ll speak with you on the phone before meeting with you in person. This is to ask you a few clarifying questions so that you can get the most out of your free consultation.
  2. Free Consultation, a.k.a. the Detailed Home Assessment – we’ll show up on time and discuss your thoughts and goals with you. Then we’ll package this information into a detailed roadmap for your remodel.
  3. Estimate & Proposal – you will receive an itemized quote with all of your options and our recommendations. Included will be a custom design sheet and a project spec sheet. We are DETERMINED that you understand your project and where your money is going so that you avoid overpaying.
  4. Design & Staging – here is where you get to “test drive” your home renovation before it actually happens. Using our state-of-the-art digital design technology, we’ll allow you to examine however many color, texture, and material combinations you want to consider for your house.
  5. Pre-Construction Meeting – we want you to know the people who will be working on your home, That’s why we set up a brief introduction between you and your construction manager. This person will be leading your siding contractor crew. They will answer any remaining questions you have and make sure we’re all on the same page.
  6. Project Installation – your siding will be installed according to the timelines and specifications laid out in steps 1-5.
  7. Clean Up – we clean up all debris after your project.
  8. Project Closeout – you will have the opportunity to do a final walkthrough of your project. If anything is out of place, we will fix it, no questions asked. We will also give your warranty guidebook so that you know how to keep every warranty you’re entitled to. Lastly, we will connect you with our customer care team so that you have a person to call if you ever have a question about your warranties.

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