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10 Advantages of Fiber Cement Board

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  There are a lot of options for house siding, but one of the most popular is fiber cement board. It’s not hard to see why. Fiber cement has a lot of unique benefits, and the products of modern manufacturers like Hardie siding look gorgeous. This is one of the reasons I chose fiber cement board for my own house.   But how does fiber cement compare with other exterior siding options? What are the pros and cons? Here I’ll share the benefits that can come with cement board.   Before continuing, please note that some of the benefits listed in this post depend on the brand you use. Therefore, don’t assume these are universal to every type of fiber cement product. Make sure you read the paragraphs under each feature for additional info on this.  

Fiber Cement Board Benefits


1. Realistic Aesthetic

  Modern day fiber cement products typically look good. In fact some brands look fantastic, effectively mimicking real wood. Consider Hardie cedar shake siding, which is very popular right now.  

2. Resists Rotting & Warping

  Fiber cement board is primarily made of – you guessed it – cement. This means that it doesn’t rot or warp like some other house siding options like cedar board.  

3. Flame Retardant

  Another advantage of fiber cement over cedar siding is that it is flame resistant, meaning it’s and very, very difficult to make it catch fire. In addition, it’s not nearly as prone to warping under high heat as vinyl siding. The most common vinyl repair we see at Custom Home Exteriors, Inc. is when someone lit up their grill too close to their house, causing the vinyl to melt. With quality brands like Hardie board, this is much harder to do.  

4. Pest Resistant

  Insects hate cement board. So do woodpeckers, rodents, and pretty much any other category of pest. This is a big plus, especially for people who live in or near forested areas.  

5. Longevity

  Fiber cement is very durable, and therefore stands up to the ravages of time and nature pretty darn well. In fact, it can last decades. To give you some context, Hardie offers a 30-year limited warranty on their products, as does Nichiha.  

6. Low Maintenance

  There’s not a lot of upkeep needed for fiber cement siding. Generally speaking, as long as you keep your gutters and downspouts clean, inspect the caulk regularly, and power wash every 6 months, it will hold up well.  

7. Exterior Painting May Not Be Needed

  Some brands actually sell cement board products with with the color baked-in to the product itself, removing the need for painting. For instance, Hardie offers an added feature called ColorPlus® which does exactly this. Not only can this save you money and hassle upfront, but it ensures a perfectly even color coating on your house siding. Even the best painters can make mistakes and apply unequal coating here and there.   Currently, we at CHE are the #2 ColorPlus® installer in the United States, so we’re big believers in this feature.  

8. UV Protection Can Be a Feature

  Not only can you get a perfectly even color coat with fiber cement siding, but this coating can be fade-resistant in a way that a lot of paint jobs can’t. In fact, that same ColorPlus feature Hardie offers comes with a 15-year limited warranty.  

9. Waterproof (Sometimes)

  Water-resistant means that a substance resists water absorption somewhat, but not entirely. This isn’t quite as powerful as being waterproof, which means that a substance is impervious to water. You’ll read some places that all cement board siding is waterproof, but this isn’t technically true. In fact, few house siding options are truly waterproof. Generally, cement board siding is water-resistant. However, some advanced brands like Hardie offer truly waterproof products.  

10. Weather-Resistant

  Some cement board brands go the extra mile in making your home exterior particularly resistant to harsh weather conditions. For instance, Hardie offers HardieZone®, a unique feature that gives your fiber cement unique weather resistant properties depending on the region of the United States you live in.   For instance, HZ5® is built to withstand freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. HZ10® is built to withstand strong winds and sunlight, and therefore the favored choice for warmer clients.   Call CHE and Get Help With Your Research   Custom Home Exteriors, Inc. has faithfully served the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area for over 20 years. If you need help considering your exterior remodeling or building options, Team CHE would be more than happy to help.   Call today to talk with one of our customer success representatives. You can also click the button below and request a free consultation with one of our siding specialists.

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